Pre Delivery

“WHY DO YOU CHOOSE TO PURSUE A CAREER IN PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING” Each Participant prepares a 5 minute speech revealing why they want to become a Speaker, which is self filmed and a 2 minute Audio Sample of a provided Poem, delivered to Martz&Walker, 1 week prior to the Workshop, for evaluation and used as the foundation of your critique.


Intuitively Discover, Develop and Create, you’re uniquely Individual Speech, born out of not, what is expected of you, instead, brought forth, raised, from your inner self, a Self, we call, you’re “KNOWING”

  • Seminar Introduction
  • PNS Module (TM)
    • Content Analysis of any Speech
    • 3 Act Structure Breakdown
    • Voice Technique
    • Audience Awareness & Connectivity
  • Improvisation Exercises
  • 5 Min. “self filmed” video Viewed
  • 10 Min. Personal Story Performed & Filmed
  • Review “self filmed” Speech
  • Meisner Repetition Exercise
  • Review “PNS Module (TM) applied to Personal Story Speech
  • Personal Story Performed


20:00 – 24:00 Uhr (Tickets Can Be Purchased at a Discount, Meet the Cast, Go Backstage)

The Deal

Max 14 Participants. 699,00 €  zzgl. 19% MwSt. Earlybird (book at least 3 weeks ahead) 575,00 € zzgl. 19% MwSt

Alle Trainings finden entweder in Hamburg oder Berlin statt.