Pre Delivery

Each Participant prepares a 5 minute Speech Synopsis of an existing Speech, which is self filmed and a 2 minute Audio Sample of a provided Poem, delivered to MartzWalker, 1 week prior to the Workshop, for evaluation and used as the foundation of your critique. A video reference of a recent Speech, (if available) 1 week prior to the Workshop, for evaluation and used as the foundation for your 4 Sector critique

Mocule 1: Performer Analysis

Performance – Presence
The ability to command the attention of an audience, by the impressiveness of one’s manner or appearance.


  • Performance Navigation Structure
  • Filmed Studio Interview
  • Voice Evaluation
  • Write a first Draft speech, based on the Filmed interview question
  • Speech Content Analysis (SCA) Module
  • 3 Act Structure Module, applied to 15 Min. Speech
  • Filmed Interview Critique
  • Speech Synopsis performed

Module 2: Performance Mapping

When a Performer forgets their lines (either through stage-fright, under-rehearsal or plain absent-mindedness) and remains rooted to the spot in panic, unable to move or speak.


  • 15 Min. version of the 5 min. Synopsis performed
  • The 3 ASB Module, Workshopped into the Speech
  • Blocking Positions Module (TM) Workshopped into the 15 Min. Speech
  • Edited, restructured, SCA Module (TM) Document presented
  • Speeches recited in a Group Flash Mob presentation.
  • Review the Weekends Work

Module 3: Performance Authenticity

In “Brechtian Performance”
Actors maintain a distance from their character, by reminding the audience through often stylized gestures or behavior that they are simply people pretending, instead of trying to identify with their “characters delivery content”.


  • Participants perform an “Italian” of their 15 Minute Speech
  • 3 Min. Synopsis of their 15 Minute Speech
  • 15 Min. speech which is Filmed for final Critique
  • Filmed Speech reviewed for Correction
  • 15 Min. Speeches Workshopped using PNS Module (TM)
  • Performance preparation for Jury
  • 15 Min. Speeches performed for Jury
  • Jury Scores and a Critiques


Course 1: 19.-20.2.2016
Course 2: 10.-11.6.2016
Course 3: 23.-24.9.2016


Course 1: 18.-19.03.2016
Course 2: 08.-09.07.2016
Course 3: 21.-22.10.2016


Course 1: 22.-23.04.2016
Course 2: 05.-06.08.2016
Course 3: 18.-19.11.2016

One Program consists of three modules. the maximum number of participants is 14.
Price per Program (3 Weekends) is 3799,00 €zzgl. 19% VAT.
Early Bird special till 31.01.2016 will give u a rebate of 10%.
All Trainings take place in our Studios in Berlin or Hamburg.