What to Expect

We aim to give you a few basic tools within this Intro Day allowing you to approach any Performance or Speech from a less judgmental approach, using our 10 Commandments.
From here we want to make you aware of the necessity to convey a beginning, middle and end to any journey, through our SNS module.
To understand that simply pacing back and forward on the Stage, is undervaluing the power of a rehearsed and calculated positioning on Stage, as a strategic ally, in conveying your information to any Audience.

Martz&Walker present their concept, their 10 commandments and the requisites for Living your Life on stage..
A highly motivational Lecture about Contact, personal freedom and structure to begin your journey. 

Martz&Walker's 10 Commandments

  1. Why
  2. No Standards
  3. Start at the End
  4. Write & Rewrite
  5. Entertain
  6. Make Mistakes
  7. Focus
  8. Give of Yourself
  9. Structure, Structure, Structure
  10. Don’t Bore Me, Touch Me

Dramatic structure applied to Speeches

“without Structure, there is no form, there is a nothing, abstract and displaced”

Movement on stage

“movement allows you to emphasize your point, it creates flow, allowing you to move your audience around the Stage”

Q&A with Martz6Walker

Presentation of Martz&Walker's various programs


Location and cost

Cost for the day is 349,00 €.

The M&W Intro Day will be held in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne and Frankfurt.