Ilja Grzeskowitz

Speaker, Book Author

The intense work with Hendrik Martz and Jim Walker was invaluable. For me, as a Keynote Speaker, performance on stage, is essential to communicate my ideas and messages. These two professionals are uncompromising, yet absolutely concrete, in their feedback and they pay crucial attention to the details of my work. A clear recommendation, for anyone, who wants to improve and control their impact, on audiences.

Frieder Gamm

Speaker, Negotiation Expert

Within 5 minutes of observing Hendrik and Jim perform in a Seminar, I knew these guys had power. Their direct approach towards a Client can at times be unsettling, yet they immediately provoke you to begin asking intuitive questions of yourself and your work. I will continue to be a creative Martz&Walker collaborator, with my future Speaker projects.

Lars Godzik

International IT-Consultant

Martz&Walker exposed the emotional restrictions and obstacles, that my International IT Consultancy Team, retained within their personalities. Their Training confronted the Team, to resolve challenges, in a authentic manner, which meant that they themselves, had to be present, moment to moment, in all Client relations. This one day Seminar, furnished invaluable information for us, which we immediately used to maximize the Teams Individual USP, which was, their own personalities.

Gerlinde Manz-Christ

Diplomat, Speaker

With high competence, loving strictness and personal engagement, Jim and Hendrik are able to bring out the best in you and let it shine through, in a whole new manner.

Kerstin Plehwe

Entrepreneur, Best Seller Author

Martz&Walker, a power duo, for whom every Executive, every Entrepreneur and anyone who needs to get the best out of their stage time, can benefit immensely from. Both are powerful, competent and their specific Training techniques are extremely beneficial to any Presentation Performance, on a stage or media platform. 100% performance oriented..

Peter Buchenau

Speaker, Entrepreneur

Strict but fair. Thats the way to describe the work of Martz&Walker. They push you to your limit, challenging, motivating and guiding the Participants of their Workshop’s towards a stunning stage performance. Indispensable input for anyone who gets on a stage and wants to captivate the Audience.

Sasha Adam

Management Consultant for Digital Leadership & Marketing

Within my 15+ years of experience in various management positions in big corporates like OTTO or AXEL SPRINGER, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous Trainers. But they all provided concepts that involved using my head. Martz&Walker taught me how to use my instincts as my biggest strategic tool. Now I still plan before going into a meeting and then allow myself to deliver my strategies with authentic, present and open contact.

Nicol Jahns


Out of the 24 people who attended my latest seminar, I usually have 20% of my Participants book Workshops. This time, after 2 hours with Martz&Walker and using their Techniques, I was able to convert leads like never before. 13 Participants of the Seminar booked immediately into my Workshop.